Monument, Colorado Real Estate Information

Located only 20 miles from Colorado Springs and about an hour from Denver is the city of Monument, Colorado. Access to Monument from Interstate 25 is at Exit No. 161, providing an easy commute to Colorado Springs, Pueblo or Denver. As a town with a rich farming heritage that dates back over 100 years, Monument no longer sees much in the way of farming. Almost 2000 people have found the true value of the area in being the perfect place to live (2000 census).

First settlers came to Monument during the California Gold Rush. On the way to California they found rich fertile ground, good springs and grass as tall as their horses’ backs. These 49ers found their fortunes in a new home. Some took as long as 3 years to be able to make it back to Iowa to bring families to this new found fortune.

There were battles to be fought and a fort was built for protection. The railroad came in 1870 and the city was incorporated in 1879. Potatoes, grain, and lumber became the cash crops of the area. These were shipped by rail to surrounding states. In 1954, it was announced that only six miles away the Air Force Academy would be built. Lot values grew from mere dollars to thousands of dollars overnight.

Even though there are extremes in both winters and summers, overall the climate is quite moderate. This is especially true in the summer when highs average in the mid 80’s. At an elevation of 7000 feet above sea level, Monument has two and one half times as much annual snowfall (about 100 inches per year) as its larger neighbor to the south, Colorado Springs.

As with other cities in Colorado, winter sports are some of the best in the nation and summer offers such enjoyable activities as biking, hiking and for the more adventuresome, white water rafting.